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WA Massage Alliance for Health (WAMAH)

Washington Massage Alliance for Health is the political action committee for the massage industry in WA State.

We are the means by which the massage community recommends, supports, and helps to elect pro-massage candidates to the Washington State Legislature.
Participation in WAMAH tells candidates that we are here, we are watching, we have something to say, and we are willing to engage in the political process.  WAMAH makes contributions to carefully selected politicians to let them know we are serious about massage therapy as a respected and recognized part of healthcare.

It is more important than ever to get the right people elected that will support the massage therapy profession and healthcare in WA State.

 Our purpose is to help elect candidates running for the Washington State Legislature who support the massage therapy profession, as well as to increase our voice in the political process. A vibrant and strong PAC will help direct the legislative future of our profession and ensure that we have a voice in critical healthcare policy decision-making.

Support WAMAH today with a contribution!

The Purposes for which this corporation, a nonprofit, charitable organization is formed are:
1.  To provide information and educational materials to the general public and governmental entities regarding the benefits of massage, and
2.  To engage in political activities to promote the in accordance with the IRS Code of the US, Section 527 and,
3, To engage in any other lawful activity which may hereafter be authorized from time to time by the Board of Directors, which are consistent with Section 527, including the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 527of the Code.

Board of Directors:
Tianne Curtiss, President
Julie Onofrio, Secretary
Lori Epp, Treasurer

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