What can a PAC do?

In Spring of 2018, the WA State Chiropractors Association and the WA Physical Therapy Association, submitted a very important bill to the WA State Legislature.  SB 6157 – Regarding Prior Authorizations.  When I first saw the bill, I thought no way in the world would the legislature pass that.

I watched all of the videos on the bill hearings and saw a very different and interesting perspective- the legislators were actually asking the right questions and understood what was going on.

In fact, the bill passed with flying colors although the original number of sessions requested was 12 and was later negotiated down to 6…but still it passed.

I started looking at what the WA Chiropractors and PT PAC’s were doing.  You can look at all their contributors and the campaigns that they supported on the Public Disclosure website.  I found that both PAC’s take in around $100,000 a year and use part of the money for marketing and most goes to political candidates campaigns.

The WA Massage Alliance for Health currently takes in about $5,000 a year – usually less which means we have a ton of work to do!