– the first Political Action Committee for massage therapists

Board of Directors

Tianne Curtiss, President.  Tianne has been the past president of AMTA WA and has been an active volunteer in the massage profession in WA State.

Julie Onofrio, Secretary.   Founding member of WSMTA and past Secretary of WSMTA.  I have previously volunteered for AMTA WA.

Lori Epp, Treasurer.

History of WAMAH

2004.   The WA Massage Alliance for Health was first formed in 2004 as the MYOPAC by Ann Britian, Barbara Grigsby and Annette Berget.


2004. MYOPAC raises $11,000 to help defeat I-895. This initiative threatened a patient’s right to access the healthcare provider of their choice to deliver covered services in their health insurance policy. I-895 would have allowed insurance companies to offer health-care plans that are free of state coverage mandates which would have meant the Every Category Law which mandates insurance companies must allow ALL providers in their networks.  This was the biggest political contribution by the massage profession ($11,000 in donations to MYOPAC).  See more on I-895 from Larry Swanson, LMT.

Also I-895 defeated full story from AMTA WA Journal Sept/Oct 2004  (PDF)


 In 2005, MYOPAC is retired and a new political action committee, Washington Massage Alliance for Health, is created.

WAMAH has consistently raised approximately $5,000 a year in contributions and in turn supported political candidates in WA State who support massage therapists.