Strategic Plan for WAMAH

  1.  Get the system for reporting contributions set up and running smoothly.  Contributions to our organization need to be reported weekly to the Public Disclosure Commission. There is software to help and also free training and help through the PDC. (Done!)
  2. Make sure our paperwork is up to date with the secretary of state.  (Completed)
  3.   Learn more about what we can and can’t do a as a PAC.  (Ongoing)
  4. Connect with other PAC’s for Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in WA State and see if we can learn more on how to run a PAC and what we can do and work with them on important issues.
  5. Connect with local massage groups and work to get one or two people from every legislative district to be a representative and check in with their local massage therapists and legislators about current issues and build relationships
  6. . Create a plan to raise $5k in 2018, $10k in 2019 and work up to $100,000 a year like the physical therapy PAC and chiropractors PAC does.  Some of the money raised each year will go back into the PAC to grow and build the PAC.
  7.   Make contributions to key politicians campaigns each year.
  8. Educate massage therapists, clients/patients, doctors, legislators about the PAC
  9.  Send us your comments and feedback!  What would you like to see us doing?